September 2018

Well, well! that was a Summer to remember! Clear skies and warm weather just like it used to be!

We had more E.P. Sales than we’d bargained for and some exciting new songs written. Plus, a load more feedback from our growing fan base. 😉 – Plus, Kong! Radio & Eartunes Radio playing STiiLBiRD tunes on their Stations.

STiiLBiRD! E.P. Releases on You Tube! From July 2018.

Another STiiLbiRD! Release is planned for the new year.

Recording of an Album entitled ‘Accolade‘ is now underway, this will feature many new songs! 

Soundcloud and Spotify plays are picking up quite steadily and the STiiLbiRD! Fan-Base is also growing thanks!

The new songs are hopefully going to break new ground, adding a more ‘live’ feel to the performances and another few quills to the STiiLbiRD! Bow!

Songs from both STiiLbiRD! E.P.’s Rivers Run Deep & Radio Silence can now be found on Youtube with some Animated Videos to follow at some point.

Keep coming back for up-dates and some FREEBIES! – SOON!

July 2018 Progress Update

Things are developing pretty well in the Stiilbird Community!

A big thank you to everyone who has bought and streamed the E.P. releases. Sales of both CD’s are growing and the feedback from people who have bought them is really very encouraging.

It would seem that a lot of people do appreciate well presented original music, particularly when they are not a big fan of most modern Radio Music!

Record Stores like Revival in Bath and Rough Trade in Bristol are now considering the sale of our Recordings!

As well as looking for collaborators and Singers, (particularly Female Vocalists), We’ve also been busy putting the songs for the proposed 2019 Album ‘Accolade‘ though the Editing / Arranging & & Post Production needed in order to match the quality of the first X2 EP’S.

Radio Stations on both sides of the Atlantic are playing Stiilbird Songs on their Rostra and our Spotify & Soundcloud Pages are growing by the day. Over 5000 Plays on SC and quite a few Regular Listeners on Spotify.

FAB! ‘Fly & Be Free’


The Artists Way?

It is a long-established fact that Musicians and Artists are not too clever at keeping their Admin in order.

Most Musician’s run a mile when you mention paperwork. It’s true that the Admin can take as long, if not longer than the actual writing of the Songs/Music itself. BUT.. (and this is a big but!) without it no body ever sees any return on all their hard work or investment of time and effort.

Often many. many people contribute to the making of a Record and sometimes they don’t get any returns on their efforts.The creation of a piece of work, be it – Art or Music is really only the very tip of the Ice-Berg and the underlying 9/10th’s of the work is what can hopefully give more meaning and importance to the work, albeit then.. stealing time from the Artist that might well have been more conducive to his soul if he were to be writing more new material etc!

Gerry Rafferty is a prime example of somebody that proves that more conducive time spent in the Studio can rule out the necessity of continual Touring! The song, (in the end) Arrangement & quality providing the proof of it’s creative popularity.

Studio Updates 2018

Stiilbird Home Studio Recording Console:


Govnor – Acoustic Guitar

Stagg – Adamas Acoustic Guitar

Godin – Acousti-Caster (Customised)

Apple Creek – Teardrop Dulcimer

Musikalia – Hourglass Dulcimer

Galvetston – Acoustic Bass

Roland EP77 – Electric Piano


Mac Mini Core 2 Duo – 8 Gig Ram

Motu 8 Pre – Sound Card 8 in x2 out

Samson Servo Amp 30 watts per channel

TLAudio Ivory Valve Mic Pre – Amp

Marshall AC 50 Acoustic Amp 

Novation Midi Keyboard / Controller

PreSonus Fader Port

Samson Go-Mics x 2

Rode NT1A X2

Sure SM58

Alisis Mk1 Studio Monitors

Rogers Studio Monitors

Roland  EP. 77 Electric Piano


Logic Pro X (UA 610 Console Logic Mod)

AAS – Long Lizard and  String Studio

Wire Tap Studio

K Meter

Klanghelm Plug-Ins