Studio Updates 2018

Stiilbird Home Studio Recording Console:


Govnor – Acoustic Guitar

Stagg – Adamas Acoustic Guitar

Godin – Acousti-Caster (Customised)

Apple Creek – Teardrop Dulcimer

Musikalia – Hourglass Dulcimer

Galvetston – Acoustic Bass

Roland EP77 – Electric Piano


Mac Mini Core 2 Duo – 8 Gig Ram

Motu 8 Pre – Sound Card 8 in x2 out

Samson Servo Amp 30 watts per channel

TLAudio Ivory Valve Mic Pre – Amp

Marshall AC 50 Acoustic Amp 

Novation Midi Keyboard / Controller

PreSonus Fader Port

Samson Go-Mics x 2

Rode NT1A X2

Sure SM58

Alisis Mk1 Studio Monitors

Rogers Studio Monitors

Roland  EP. 77 Electric Piano


Logic Pro X (UA 610 Console Logic Mod)

AAS – Long Lizard and  String Studio

Wire Tap Studio

K Meter

Klanghelm Plug-Ins


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