The Artists Way?

It is a long-established fact that Musicians and Artists are not too clever at keeping their Admin in order.

Most Musician’s run a mile when you mention paperwork. It’s true that the Admin can take as long, if not longer than the actual writing of the Songs/Music itself. BUT.. (and this is a big but!) without it no body ever sees any return on all their hard work or investment of time and effort.

Often many. many people contribute to the making of a Record and sometimes they don’t get any returns on their efforts.The creation of a piece of work, be it – Art or Music is really only the very tip of the Ice-Berg and the underlying 9/10th’s of the work is what can hopefully give more meaning and importance to the work, albeit then.. stealing time from the Artist that might well have been more conducive to his soul if he were to be writing more new material etc!

Gerry Rafferty is a prime example of somebody that proves that more conducive time spent in the Studio can rule out the necessity of continual Touring! The song, (in the end) Arrangement & quality providing the proof of it’s creative popularity.