July 2018 Progress Update

Things are developing pretty well in the Stiilbird Community!

A big thank you to everyone who has bought and streamed the E.P. releases. Sales of both CD’s are growing and the feedback from people who have bought them is really very encouraging.

It would seem that a lot of people do appreciate well presented original music, particularly when they are not a big fan of most modern Radio Music!

Record Stores like Revival in Bath and Rough Trade in Bristol are now considering the sale of our Recordings!

As well as looking for collaborators and Singers, (particularly Female Vocalists), We’ve also been busy putting the songs for the proposed 2019 Album ‘Accolade‘ though the Editing / Arranging & & Post Production needed in order to match the quality of the first X2 EP’S.

Radio Stations on both sides of the Atlantic are playing Stiilbird Songs on their Rostra and our Spotify & Soundcloud Pages are growing by the day. Over 5000 Plays on SC and quite a few Regular Listeners on Spotify.

FAB! ‘Fly & Be Free’