September 2018

Well, well! that was a Summer to remember! Clear skies and warm weather just like it used to be!

We had more E.P. Sales than we’d bargained for and some exciting new songs written. Plus, a load more feedback from our growing fan base. 😉 – Plus, Kong! Radio & Eartunes Radio playing STiiLBiRD tunes on their Stations.

STiiLBiRD! E.P. Releases on You Tube! From July 2018.

Another STiiLbiRD! Release is planned for the new year.

Recording of an Album entitled ‘Accolade‘ is now underway, this will feature many new songs! 

Soundcloud and Spotify plays are picking up quite steadily and the STiiLbiRD! Fan-Base is also growing thanks!

The new songs are hopefully going to break new ground, adding a more ‘live’ feel to the performances and another few quills to the STiiLbiRD! Bow!

Songs from both STiiLbiRD! E.P.’s Rivers Run Deep & Radio Silence can now be found on Youtube with some Animated Videos to follow at some point.

Keep coming back for up-dates and some FREEBIES! – SOON!