A Story

Stiilbird is a singer/songwriter of the old school. Writing melodic, intelligent, heartfelt lyrical content.

Steve Watts AKA Stiilbird has written, studied, recorded and performed music in many different styles, Genres and Contexts. Predominantly Stiilbird is a prolific songwriter & live musician who mostly prefers the essence of the moment to long hours spent in the studio. His songs are sometimes about the static erratic love, noise and chaos of this crazy and sometimes wonderful 21st century life.

Another Story

All in all, if Stiilbird had lived in the balmy days of the horse-drawn wagons, he might have been a sculptor revelling in the plenty of reasons for life. Traveling far and wide upon the back of a dappled grey horse, deciphering the bird song and writing novels in soliloquy while metering the road’s between his meals and conquests.

In this modern-day Stiilbird works with rhyme, rhythm, song and muse, to convey the undeniable bonds between the music, myth and the mysteries of man. Observing and absorbing the creative plights and plunders of all the life on earth as, with the fervour and intensity of a hawk, swoop in silence in an attempt to awaken and inspire the very essence of one’s own earthly existence”.

Stiilbird_May 2018 – Pastoral, Nu_Modern, 70’s, Acoustic, AOR, Psychedelic, Folk, Rock.